What to do if your car crashes into a utility pole

Downed And Dangerous graphicAccidents happen. Do you know what to do if your car crashed into an electric utility pole? Knowing what to do could be the difference between life and death.

Always consider power lines and other electrical equipment to be live and dangerous. If a power line falls on your vehicle and there is no fire:

  • Your safest option is to stay inside your vehicle until help arrives. The vehicle acts as a path for the electrical current to travel to reach the ground. You are safe inside the vehicle, but if you get out, you could be electrocuted.
  • Call 911 or Trico for help.

If a power line falls on your vehicle and there is a fire:

  • Jump out of the vehicle, making sure NO part of your body or clothing touches the ground and vehicle at the same time.
  • Land with both feet together and in small, shuffling steps, move at least 40 feet away from the vehicle.
  • The ground could be energized. Shuffling away with both feet together decreases the risk of electrical shock.